One Size Fitted Diaper by Mommy's Craft Obsession

This review is from a third-party and Organic Caboose® was not involved in the writing or editing of this review, we are including the review here for the benefit of customers to see our products in action and gain further insight into our product line.


Organic Caboose Fitted Diaper Review & Giveaway 

I have been cloth diapering Baby A for over a year and now I can honestly say that I love it. I had the opportunity last month to try out a bunch of new types and styles of diapers, but the one thing I didn't get to try was a fitted. I have always been curious about them but was pretty much clueless on what to look for. When I heard Organic Caboose had an organic fitted diaper I was jumping with joy! I had heard nothing but amazing things about Organic Caboose blankets and I could only imagine how great the diapers were!


Photo Credits: Organic Caboose


Organic Caboose is a US company that was created in 2004 by a mom who wanted create a cloth diaper line that would promote "the health of our future", the only problem was is that she couldn't sew! With the help of her mom she was able to learn and begin her business. Enlisting in the help of other women who loved to sew, the owner of Organic Caboose cut and prepared fabrics and delivered them to be sewn. Prior to shipping the diapers off to their new homes, the diapers were inspected for quality. Today Organic Caboose sells quality and eco-friendly products for little ones everywhere! 


Lets talk about Fitted Diapers for a second. A fitted diaper is made from a variety of absorbent fabrics and  typically has an adjustable waist and elastic around the legs to fit your child perfectly. Because this diaper is typically all fabric you will need a cover of some sort although if you are battling a diaper rash a fitted with no cover will help immensely since there is no waterproof layer and the air can flow right through the layers. Fitteds are also extremely absorbent since the diaper itself acts as an insert would. 


Organic Caboose generously sent me one of their Organic One Size Fitted Diaper to test out for my first experience with a fitted! When it arrived I was in awe over how soft it was! I almost didn't believe it was a diaper, it honestly was soft enough to be a blanket! The Organic Fitted is made out of 100% Organic Cotton  and has snap closures!




The Organic Caboose Fitted is a one size diaper that will fit your child from 7 to 35 pounds. 



Adjusting the size range on a fitted is literally as easy as it is on any other cloth diaper, all you have to do is unsnap and snap to the sizing of your choice!



The diaper includes a snap in insert that is long enough for you to double up for extra absorbency. The insert snaps right into the diaper so that you can easily break it apart for cleaning, or if you're just using the fitted as what I like to call a "filler diaper" (the diaper between bath time and bed time). When I put Baby A in the diaper for the review I intended on keeping him in it for an hour to an hour and a half or so but we took a spur of the moment trip to Walmart so he ended up being in diaper for the better part of three hours. When we got home I had completely forgotten that he was in the fitted and was so excited when I opened up his diaper and saw that there were absolutely no leaks and that the diaper had absorbed a lot. 





I have yet to have the opportunity to try out the fitted diaper on an overnight trial because I haven't done a load of diapers since testing it out, but I am so excited to see the results of Baby A wearing this fitted overnight! As I said previously, this was my first experience with a fitted diaper and it fully exceeded my expectations. Even after washing, the diaper stayed super soft and I knew it would be comfortable on the little baby booty! Below are a couple of pictures of my little man sporting his new fitted!





If anyone is looking to try out a fitted diaper, or add to their collection, I highly recommend that you invest in an Organic Caboose One Size Fitted Diaper! 

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