What our customer's are saying:

“...I really appreciate you being so cooperative...I will pass on how responsible your company is to my family and friends and encourage them to shop there." 
-Robin F., Philadelphia, PA

"I will highly recommend your company to others!"
-Emily D., Seattle, WA

“I just received my order (from Little Spruce Organics) of the Organic Caboose Aplix Fitted Diaper and we LOVE IT! My children have really sensitive skin and it had the one specific thing I was looking for which was soft cotton in front of the elastic so as not to cause welts on my baby's leg and back which other elastic seams have. Not only that, I (and especially my husband) really liked that the diaper mimics a disposable diaper in the sense that it is fitted and has velcro tabs. It's also the softest diaper we've tried which we really appreciate. This is by far my family's favorite diaper.” 
-Deborah R., Rockford, IL 

"Organic Caboose diapers are exceptionally soft, comfy and super absorbent. I was hesitant to try Organic Caboose cloth diapers with my second child since she has eczema, and I had tried cloth diapers with a diapering service with my first child.  The diapering service cloth diapers always leaked, and I had to change my baby constantly!  With Organic Caboose diapers, they don't leak; I even use them at night time with an additional liner (and my baby pees a lot, since she likes to nurse 3-4 times a night!).

Prior to using Organic Caboose diapers, I had been using organic disposable diapers.  Even though, they were organic & chemical free, my baby still suffered from eczema on her bottom. Since I've been using Organic Caboose
diapers, I'm pleased to say that her eczema has completely cleared up.  I traveled recently and used disposables while I was traveling & her eczema came back.  When I returned home, I went back to using Organic Caboose
diapers and it cleared up again!  They are super easy and quick to put on, and they wash extremely well.  My husband and I think that in comparison to buying disposables, Organic Caboose diapers are less expensive.  The cost of buying disposables over the years adds up; not to mention the cost of disposables to the environment.  I recommend Organic Caboose diapers to every parent and baby. We LOVE them!! I wish I had learned about this company sooner, because I also would have loved the organic nursing pillow and sleep sack. Thanks Organic Caboose!"
--Andrea W., Sacramento, CA

"I had won an Eco Fleece Diaper Cover from Go GO Natural, and I absolutely LOVE IT ! I intend to write a review on my blog...keep up the good quality and awesome products. Thanks!"

"I love your products....I am excited about your hybrid diaper.  Looks so nice."

"Organic Caboose are the BEST cotton diapers available! My third child was my first attempt at using cotton diapers and I am still using them at nine months - way longer than I expected. We feel that we saved a significant amount of money as opposed to using disposables. They wash and hold up well, and when combined with the cover, have less leaks than our other children had with Huggies® Supreme* disposables."

"The staff at lildiaperdepot (now Organic Caboose®) are very helpful and knowledgeable about their products. Shipping was extremely fast and my questions were responded to promptly! I highly recommend this store to all natural families seeking a healthier, more eco-friendly solution to diapers and accessories!"

"When I had my third child, I was ready to cut corners in our budget. Lil Diaper Depot (now Organic Caboose) was wonderful at explaining to me the things I would need and how to use the products. It was not hard and even my husband would still help change diapers. I love their fleece covers! I have used other covers and have found that their fleece covers are better at helping the cloth diapers absorb and do not carry odor."

"Honestly, if it was not for the information, support, and great products from Lil Diaper Depot(now Organic Caboose), I would not have lasted using cloth diapers."
--Katrina M., Mississippi

"When I was pregnant and had decided to use cloth diapers we never thought organic. My sister in-law suggested organic as an alternative to classic cloth. She sold Organic Caboose products on her website and after thinking long and hard about the price difference (organic being more expensive) we went with them. I have to say that we have used both Organic Caboose and other organic products as well as non-organic and the Organic Caboose is our favorite (as well as our sons)."
"Thanks again for a pleasant experience and a happy baby."
--P. Family, Colorado

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