Organic Cotton Nursing Pillow
Organic Cotton Nursing Pillow

Award Winning Nursing Pillow ~ Organic Cotton or Eco Bamboo/Organic Cotton Options

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  • ~Pure 100% Organic Cotton or Eco Bamboo/Organic Cotton outer and hand-stuffed with 100% organic cotton filling
  • ~What's INSIDE your nursing pillow matters. Our Organic Caboose Nursing Pillow is hand-stuffed with 100% pure organic cotton (no off-gassing polyester or polyurethane filling like most on the market)
  • ~Thoughtfully designed by a nurse for the ideal breastfeeding experience
  •  ~Sourced and made in the USA
  • ~25” x 16” x 6”, 2+ lbs, spot-clean only
  • ~Zippered organic pillow cover sold separately (see description below on how to save on cover)
  • ~Pillows can become slightly compressed during shipping; for optimal fullness, please fluff pillow prior to using.
  • ~See below for further details regarding this pillow and how to save!

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Organic Caboose Organic Cotton Nursing Pillow was presented with the Top Choice of the Year Award by Baby Maternity Magazine for good reason, its unique blend of plush organic materials and thoughtful design is unlike any other on the market. Because it is covered with 100% organic cotton and hand-stuffed with 100% organically grown and milled cotton batting, this is a nursing pillow you can feel good about.

Think about how much of the early life of your child is spent on a nursing pillow, and how important it is that there are no harmful chemicals, pesticides, substances, allergens or flame retardants. Not to mention, no off-gassing from polyester or polyurethane, like many popular brands on the market that only have an organic cover on the outside.

Plus, its versatile shape and generous size mean it will grow with your baby – feeding, propping, supporting and sitting. Its shape provides an ergonomic position to make breastfeeding more comfortable for both you and your little one, and can also be used for optimal bonding when bottle feeding or cuddling. Moreover, when you are done breastfeeding, this pillow can be used for ergonomic propping and resting for years to come.

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